DVR Software

DVR Software

The Convenience Of Watching TV With DVR Software

The first time I ever heard of a DVR was back in 1999. I went to visit a friend and they were watching a program on their new Tivo. I had never heard of Tivo before that. Now you can go in just about any household and fine a DVR.

Whether you are watching programs on a DVR or Tivo, it looks like the VCR no longer has a place in the home. After seeing how easy the play-back features were to work, I went right out and purchased a DVR or Tivo.

It is the DVR software that makes the difference. The software, for example Wolfcom, Mystro, BT878, Hawkeye, 6802, makes watching recorded shows very easy. Each DVR holds a certain number of hours available for recording. The number of hours generally varies between 40 to 150 hours. This puts your 6 to 8 hour VCR tapes to shame.

Not all DVR machines are exactly alike. Each manufacture includes different DVR software features. The majority of DVR's come with the following standard features.

  • Selective programming - this enables the user to input which programs they would like to record. They can input them to record by program name and channel, not necessarily by a certain time. This enables them to capture their particular program even if the program is airing at a different time.
  • Recording TV series - the DVR software allows you to set your unit to record an entire TV program series at one time. No need to worry about whether or not you set your unit to record or having to remember when the new season will start, because it is already programmed to record.
  • Live TV options - provides the viewer with the options to pause, rewind and forward live TV. This allows the viewer with more freedom when watching TV. You can answer that 'phone or use the restroom. You no longer have to stay glued to the TV or wait for commercial breaks.
  • Records in a digital format - DVR records in a digital format, which allows for a crystal clear picture.
  • Simultaneously watch and recorded TV - some DVR software programs allow you to record up to four programs at a time while watching live TV on another channel.

Most DVR's will enable you to download any recorded program from your DVR to your computer. Using your current DVR software, in conjunction with a PVR Explorer you will be able to download recorded material.

However, there are some restrictions, and most DVR manufactures do not recommend that you transfer recorded programs from your DVR unit to your computer. The next version of DVR's is working on making this process much easier.


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